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“Transfer Out” Tips (FAQs)

The following are questions I am getting from students who want to transfer their EGCC credits:

Q: Where do I start if I want to transfer my credits?

A: There are many ways to transfer credits to other colleges or universities, but your first step is to take some time thinking about what you want to do next, after EGCC. What degree program are you interested in pursuing? Where is your comfort zone regarding distance from home? Are you able to do an online degree?

You can start your transfer journey by visiting two websites.

First, look at the EGCC Transfer page which provides you with explanations of types of transfer options you have in Ohio as well as lists some of our Articulation Agreements with colleges and universities.

Second, look at your unofficial transcript in Self Service then visit Your unofficial transcript lists course numbers and dates/semesters you completed those courses which you will use on the Transferology website.

Q: What is Transferology?

A: Transferology is a website that allows you to enter your EGCC courses by semester and year to see how they transfer to other colleges and universities. You can do a blanket search and see how many schools accept your credits or you can do an individual search for a specific college. You can check one course or all of your EGCC courses. And its FREE! You simply create an account and then begin adding your courses.

Q: What if I already know the college I want to attend next?

A: If you already know what school you plan to transfer to, then you should contact that school to find out their process and your next steps to admission. Each college/university has its own admission requirements which must be met. As well, each college/university has its own process for transfer students. Go to your prospective school’s website and search “transfer” or “transfer student” and look for a contact. If you have trouble, just let me or your EGCC advisor know and we will be happy to help you find a contact.



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