Transfer Spotlight

In this space EGCC’s partners in transfer will tell you about their college, a specific program or an event that could benefit you. Our first contributor is Franklin University’s Lois Kuttesch, the Community College Regional Manager, who you may have seen in the halls at our campuses.  Stop by any time you see a university representative on campus. They are always happy to speak with you.

Franklin University is proud to partner with EGCC and offer 3 + 1 programs where EGCC students may complete a Bachelor of Science degree with as few as 30 credits (8 courses) through Franklin!  Included are Business Administration, Business Management, Accounting, Energy Management, Allied Healthcare Management and more.  Students may start taking classes with Franklin while still attending EGCC and may use Financial Aid.  All Franklin degrees are fully available online; EGCC business students have enjoyed Franklin’s onsite Business Administration program and most other majors offer classroom courses at Franklin’s main campus in Columbus.

Contact Franklin University now to find out more – or  Chat live with a Franklin representative from 8AM – 10PM Monday through Thursday and 9AM – 3PM Fridays at  EGCC students may also call or text the EGCC Franklin Representative, Lois Kuttesch, at 614.816.1137.



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