Why Transfer?

Welcome EGCC students to the Transfer@EGCC Blog.

You might be asking:  We are in the right in the middle of Fall Semester 2017, so why would I start thinking about transferring right now? I have exams and papers and speeches and presentations due!! Well, it’s always a good time to think about your future, weigh your options and where you see yourself in 2, 5 or even 10 years from now. You’ve worked hard on your courses here at EGCC and before you know it, you’ll be taking your final exams and registering for next semester. I am talking transfer now because, as you schedule your courses, you should be looking at your grids and your plans for after EGCC. Courses you take can ease that transition to your next institution in your educational journey.

In the Spring 2017 Semester, we started this blog to start a conversation and open you up to the possibilities of transfer. Please take a moment to review last Spring’s posts on why to transfer and FAQs to help you with your internal conversations.

More good news! EGCC is working on transfer options for you every day. We currently have articulation agreements with the following schools:

College Type of Agreement Begin Date
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Course-to-Course 2016
Bethany College Institutional 2010
Capella University Institutional 2013
Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science Programmatic 2015
DeSales University Programmatic 2012
Franciscan University Course-to-Course 2011
Franklin University Programmatic 2014
Grand Canyon University Programmatic 2015
Herzing University Programmatic 2011
Kaplan University Programmatic 2008
Kent State University Programmatic 2014
Miami University of Ohio Programmatic 2016
Notre Dame College Institutional 2017
Ohio Dominican University Course-to-Course 2017
Ohio University Programmatic 2015
Robert Morris University Programmatic 2010
Point Park University Course-to-Course 2015
Salem International University Programmatic 2016
Slippery Rock University Course-to-Course 2006
Tiffin University Course-to-Course 2014
University of Akron Programmatic/Course-to-Course 2010
University of Phoenix Institutional 2013
Walsh University Institutional 2011
Western Governors University Programmatic 2017
West Liberty University Course-to-Course 2010
Wheeling Jesuit Course-to-Course 2012
Youngstown State University Programmatic 2014

We have updated agreements with many of these colleges and universities this year and continue to look for new and solid opportunities for you, our students, to continue your education beyond EGCC.  If a school interests you, click through the link to the website and start exploring.



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